Tuesday, July 19, 2011


@ph: taken by my sister
OKAY! I know I have had a couple of blogs now, but I think they have all been kind of, ya not so serious. As things are now I want to become a journalist, or at least have a work where I am writing, so I want to do something about that. So I will start a completely new blog, which then is going to be much more serious (with the writing stuff, I am probably going to blog about the same stuff: my friends, shopping, school, you know just my life).

But I need a brilliant name for this new blog, so if you guys have any idea, then please leave a comment. I would really appreciate to hear you guys ideas!


  1. hmmmmmm
    Material Girl??? :D
    måske ikke så originalt, don't know mouse, hvad har du selv i tankerne??

  2. Hm, jeg tænker lidt at det ikke skal indehole noget med "mode/fashion". For bloggen skal ikke centrere sig om det. Men jeg er ærlig talt selv helt blank lige nu :-) men tak for forslagene mouse!

  3. hey, thank you! haha, I think I can handle that because I'm secretly in love with Severus as well, so becoming Mrs. Snape is no problem. :-D good luck with draco :-P

  4. Haha, you seem like just as much a Harry Potter freak as me - I love it :-D
    I guess you have seen the last movie? ;-)

  5. Hay !!!
    If you in the blog talk about your life (school, friends, opinions) I think you should chosse a title that is something about you, such a phase say a lot, a phase of a film that you love, something you feel necessary or just a few words of a song you like.

    It's a good idea, and so nice. Good luck . . . xoxo

  6. You're so right, and I think that is exactly what I am going to do. Think I will start one up soon, hope you would follow then. Have you had a good summer?

  7. hello, on your old blog, you just received a copy of peter pan and wendy. Where did you get it?, who is it by, is it re-edited version? please let me know, here or at my email nisha_560@hotmail.com. thanks!
    ur blog should be titled "c'est la vie" i think its perfect for you!

  8. You have a fantastic blog!
    Im know follow your blog, please drop bye :-)
    Hugs Emilie<3